Longing And Lust

Longing and lust appear to be synonyms of each other but in fact they are not.
Longing is a positive attribute whereas lust is a negative one.

In longing one feels the strong connection with the partner, there is an intense feeling
of missing. There is no anger, hatred, jealousy or any other negative emotion. Longing is
another side of the love, it increases love. When you miss someone so badly, you start
remembering the moments you spent together; you start writing poems, drawing pictures
and composing music also. It makes you alive, it fills you with energy.

And in lust one wants to grab the partner. This gives rise to anger, hatred, jealousy
and possessiveness. Love ceases to be where there is lust. The focus is only on the body
and one doesn’t care about the emotions and feelings. It makes you demanding. You start
demanding attention, proof of love and even the respect. And when the partner fails to fulfill
your demands, you start blaming him/her, be angry, throw tantrums, shout and it becomes a
big mess. It consumes so much of your energy. You don’t feel happy and peaceful.

The way to avoid being lustful is to be aware of the feelings and emotions arising in
you. And this happens with meditation. Increase Prana by eating fresh and good food,
breathing exercises, spending time with the nature and being in company of the good people.

I hope this was useful. Please feel free to tell me if you want me to talk on some
other topics also. Till then, keep smiling :)!

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