Strength – ‘the thing that we are gifted with’. Yes, which lies within ourselves by birth and the only thing which we have to understand is our Self.

We might have heard many a times people around us saying, ‘I can’t do this’ and in next minute by encouragement or inspiration they perform the same actions without fear. This is what we have to understand which is called as our strength. The lifestyle today is so sedentary and hectic that humans are not able to know about themselves, about their capabilities.

One must always remember no one on this planet is made weak by creator. Even an ant has been provided with the strength to kill an elephant. In the same way elephant has the power to kill a lion but the only thing is elephant should know about its capabilities.

Just try to recognize yourself and miracles are no far away for you! It is all your thought which makes you to feel strong or weak. Once you make your mind to do something no one can stop you. Think for a while people who encourage you or force you to do some work or to be in some situation they pamper you they make you believe they are with you and you come out from any circumstances how much ever bad it could be, but just wait and think do these people come to face it for you? No, it was you who showed your strength. 

Inspiration can come from two sources, one from outside and one from within. Most of the time we search and depend on the outer source. This covers motivational talks, videos, quotes and inspiration from our near and dear ones. And this works almost every time. But for how long does it last? Few days, few hours or just for few moments! So, from where should we get or inspiration? It is the source of inspiration from within. This source is like the sun that never sets. It is like a spring that never dries. A continuous source of inspiration that never ends. And when we learn to tap this source we will always stay inspired and we can even inspire others, not just by our words but by the actions and even by our presence.

How to tap this source? One way is to train your mind hard to be inspired. This is a time consuming and tedious way. The other way is easier and the quickest. It is Meditation! Meditate and you will come across your Self which is the source of inspiration. And then you will no more have to depend on the outer source.

Remember the creator has better plans, work, circumstances and situations allotted for us. And they are according to our strength.

Just recognize it!


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