You Are Special

  It was a due drop morning when I stepped out of my house to have my breakfast at a nice place.

While reaching the place, I saw a child (probably was mentally weak) and his father. The son was shouting, throwing and tossing the stuffs around, which his father bought him to eat. The man and child were not so well dressed so it was understood that he can not afford to eat a meal in that place but still he was there for his loving child.

People around were laughing and taunting, the situation there was completely embarrassing but his father was  patiently and lovingly teaching his son how to eat and enjoy. The love the man showed to his son was incredible. It made my eyes in tears and I was missing my parents that very moment.

Parents are the one who accepts us as we are, to who we are and what we are. They never demand anything or are never embarrassed of our actions. Yet sometimes they behave rude and cruel but they never leave us to cope up with any situation alone. Parents are someone who create our backbone and teach us how to stand, behave, act, respect….

They don’t judge what others are thinking they just see what is needed for betterment of their children. They have us so we can learn to deal with the situation and circumstances. And they bear the pain of leaving us just to make us independent.

One should never hurt their parents as they are the one who make us special. Before judging them in any situation just keep your thoughts in weight balance and see the side more heavier. I am sure you will get your right way.

Just remember only one thing.

“You Are Special” because you have them in your wonderful life.

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