5 Simple And Effective Home Remedies Of Dry Hair To Try At Home

Dry hair develops at some point in everyone’s life. Hairs sometimes do not retain moisture and look brittle. The curly and dull hair is uncoated with oil or sebum released from sebaceous glands. As a result, when we touch our hair, it feels dry and thin.

Unfortunately, it is most likely to tangle and get messed up. However, unhealthy hair care habits might be at blame. Strangely, people assume curly hair is a genetic problem. People commonly mistake it for a serious hair problem. No worries!

We have exciting ways to treat it if it’s hard to style your tangled hair. But before you know the home remedies for dry hair, let’s delve into its causes.

Causes of Dry Hair

Although dry hair looks unhealthy, it is likely to be a problem that develops when people get older. Dry hair can develop due to various factors, be it a change in environmental conditions or using harsh shampoos. It appears to be a sign of dull and unhealthy hair when you have curly hair. We have listed below some causes of tangled and curly hair. Let’s get started!

1] Environmental Conditions

Exposure to dry and hot climates results in the underactivation of the scalp’s oil glands. It is more likely to produce an inadequate amount of natural oil. This, in turn, keeps the dull texture of hair. Hair looks less lustrous and fragile when you spend a lot of time in a windy atmosphere and sun. In addition to this, frequent swimming tends to reduce its sheen.

2] Nutrition

Due to nutritional deficiencies, one can imagine being physically unhealthy. But if a person does not contain an adequate amount of nutrients every day, they are more likely to get dry hair. It turns out that getting enough protein, zinc and iron-rich food promotes hair growth. Furthermore, it also keeps your hair healthy and glowing. Therefore, a dermatologist for dry hair treatment suggests taking foods rich in omega-3s and other healthy fats. Fishes and nuts contain healthy fats and help in giving shine and soft texture to hairs.

3] Harsh Shampoos and conditioners

Research shows that dry hair develops when you use harsh shampoos and conditioners for hair washing. Moreover, other styling products like straighteners, curlers, and dryers can break the outer layer of hair. This, in turn, results in hair that looks colourless and falls off quickly. On the other end of the spectrum, chemically treating your hair with a dye affects the scalp. Overuse of these harmful products allows deep penetration into the scalp and sucking all its nutrients.

4] Health problems 

Health conditions that can lead to dry hair include:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Hypoparathyroidism
  • Menkes syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism

Anorexia nervosa: Dry hair results from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. Patients with anorexia nervosa experience malnutrition; some of the symptoms of this health condition include weakness, headache, and dry and brittle hair.

Hypoparathyroidism: A patient with hypoparathyroidism has a low parathyroid hormone level. As a result, calcium absorption in the blood diminishes. The low calcium level is a cause of dry hair and brittle bones.

Menkes syndrome: If you have Menkes syndrome, your body will absorb less copper. It is one of the significant reasons for dryness. Menkes syndrome is characterized by kinky and tangled hair.

Hypothyroidism: A person has dry and brittle hair as an early symptom of hypothyroidism.

Home Remedies of Dry Hair

Fortunately, there are several natural and organic ways of dry hair treatment at home. It will prevent stripping the oil from the hair. So, make slight modifications in your hair care routine with the home remedies for dry hair mentioned below:

1] Yogurt 

The good news is that yoghurt is an excellent dry hair remedy. Despite being a nutritious food, this prebiotic also cleanses the scalp. Yoghurt is rich in protein and helps in nourishing the scalp. This probiotic reduces the dryness and restores the skin barriers. Yoghurt being a moisturizing agent, binds to the hair effortlessly. Apply a mask containing yoghurt and honey to your hair. Wash it after half an hour of applying the hair mask.

2] Coconut oil mask

Choose a coconut oil free from any chemical substances. As a bonus, you can apply the oil by mixing curry leaves. Keep in mind to rub coconut oil gently on hair with fingertips. Moreover, try to wash your hair less often. Make a hair mask and keep it for 30 minutes before rinsing hair with water. This age-old dry hair remedy penetrates deeply to the roots of your hair. Hence, make it a weekly regimen for better results.

3] Egg mask 

Egg masks are required for healthy skin, nails and hair. People can use egg masks and essential oils such as olive, lavender, tea tree oil etc. The egg is responsible for keeping hair cuticles so that it can uphold natural oils. This protein-rich product has a lot to offer, from providing less dry and brittle hair to sealing outer layers.

4] Avocado 

Avocado is an excellent dry hair remedy to protect from free radical damage. This fruit is rich in vitamins, fats, and minerals essential to moisturize and strengthen dry hair. It can help keep your hair healthy and smoother like never before. The avocado paste helps retain enough natural oils when applied for 20 minutes.

5] Banana 

Try deep professional conditioning with a banana mask. This fruit has beneficial properties such as improving elasticity and treating split ends. It is one of the proven home remedies for dry hair. So, to heal dry hair, use this mask and leave it for about 1 hour.

Wrapping up

To look classy at parties, take a personalized approach with these home remedies for dry hair. Balance your hair growth by eating a healthy diet, spending time in nature, and exercising daily. All these lifestyle changes are essential for permanent dry hair treatment.

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