Try These 6 Proven Home Remedies To Treat Split Ends

Are you browsing homemade remedies for hair split ends? Tired enough! You have stopped at the right place to know the people’s secret with smooth hair.

You might be dreaming of having smooth, healthy and shiny hair. Our hair requires adequate moisture for strengthening and nourishment. But it’s a tedious task to maintain its natural beauty. Improper hair care creates a very complicated relationship with our bodies. It increases the risk of experiencing problems like dandruff, rough hair, split ends, dry hair and more.

However, putting more time and effort into expensive hair care tips does not make sense. Therefore, we will demystify the secretive home remedies for split ends that most people are unaware of. But before we dive into the good hair care routine, know more about the causes of split ends. Fascination right? Let’s start it.

Causes of hair split ends

Hair split ends to increase the chances of developing rough hair, but it also tends to cause hair falls. We know the dread of this problem. You may be curious to know the factors responsible for hair damage. Some of these reasons for getting hair split ends are mentioned below:

1] Exposure to extreme weather conditions like bright sunlight, windy atmosphere, etc.

2] Poor hair care techniques such as straightening, blow-drying, and curling frequently.

3] Using chemical hair products results in dry and brittle hair.

4] Spending more time in polluted areas.

5] Lifestyle changes such as lack of exercise and eating junk foods.

Home remedies for hair split ends

Most of us can’t keep our hair healthy all the time. Awful! Isn’t it.

We love bouncy, beautiful, and shiny hair. There are multiple hair care tips for voluminous and silky hair out there. But they don’t work out for most people. Hence, we have outlined the homemade remedies that experts prove.

1] Aloe Vera Gel with Yogurt 

Aloe vera is a plant with a gel-like substance that has healing properties. Rubbing aloe vera gel on your hair can improve damaged hair with split ends. When mixed with yogurt, aloe vera contributes more to cell growth and shiny hair. Both these ingredients contain vitamins A, C, and E. Moreover, Vitamin B12 and folic acid can keep your hair away from split ends.


Mix two to three tablespoons of aloe vera gel with one tablespoon of yogurt in a bowl. Apply this mask with your finger on the hair tips. Moreover, you can massage the mixture on your scalp gradually. Rest it for more than 30 minutes to restore natural shine. It will increase your hair growth and provide root strengthening.

2] Coffee

Splits end tear longitudinally from the tips of the hair. But if you use coffee as one of the home remedies for hair split ends, it will show amazing results. Coffee may sound crazy, but it is a great solution for split ends. It will help to prevent sticky hairs. Coffee is a wonderful ingredient that can reverse some of your split ends.


Apply coffee from the roots to the tip of your hair. Leave it for 45 minutes and wash your hair with normal shampoo. Please avoid using the hairdryer after washing it. Coffee is a great choice to combat almost all hair problems. Your hair may go from frayed to luscious hair.

3] Coconut oil

You may be aware of the incredible benefits of coconut oil. It can constrain frizzy hair and split ends. Coconut oil helps repair damaged hair every day. Further, it can improve texture and reduce protein loss. According to experts, coconut oil can increase the production of collagen. It provides a barrier to hair tips from forces. This versatile oil has essential nutrients that moisturize your hair. Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for hair split ends, dandruff, dry hair, and other hair problems.


Coconut can work wonders when used with organic shampoo and conditioners. Massage your hair with the oil and leave it overnight. Wash it with normal water to stave off damage and dryness in the morning.

4] Banana 

Every person loves their hair. For most of us, the appearance of hair matters. Therefore, we have brought one of the unnoticed homemade remedies for split ends. Bananas have high silica content, which is mandatory for collagen formation. When you put bananas on your hair, you say goodbye to tangled hair. It is an important source of protein.


Take a ripe banana in a bowl. Mash it thoroughly till the mixture gets smooth. Apply the mask to your hair roots and tips. Now leave for at least 30 – 45 minutes before washing it off. Don’t forget to massage with a chemical-free hair oil at last.

5] Shea Butter

One of the most foolproof homemade remedies for shiny hair is Shea butter. With its moisturizing properties, Shea butter works as a natural conditioner. This home remedy is a little easier to improve the luster of hair. Enhance your growth of hair follicles by applying shea butter frequently.


You can follow the same steps as the other natural ways to get rid of split ends. Make sure to use melted butter. You can also add egg and honey to make an effective hair mask for split ends. For the best results, repeatedly apply this hair mask twice a week.

6] Onion Juice

You may be irritated by the roughness of your hair. No worries. We have included onion juice in your hair care routine to reduce hair fizziness. It’s important to start treating your hair with onion juice.


Massage your hair with onion juice mixed with aloe vera gel. Afterward, rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner.


To summarize, these homemade remedies can give you extremely nourished hair in no time. The most interesting part is that they are easy to use. If you prefer natural shiny hair over a dry scalp, take the benefit of the amazing home remedies for hair split ends. It is important to note that some measures such as lifestyle changes improve hydration to lock soft and lustrous hair.

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